Dirty Dancing with Race and Class: Microaggressions toward First-Generation and Low Income College Students of Color

Sarcedo, Geneva; Matias, Cheryl; Montoya, Roberto; Nishi, Naomi
Publication Year:
Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs

Using a raceclass analysis, which positions race and class as inextricably linked, this reflective and conceptual paper will explore how racialized and classed, or raceclassist, microaggressions impact first-generation and low income college students of color. Utilizing counterstorytelling and theoretical analysis, the first author shares her counterstory as a starting point to understand and analyze the impact raceclassist microaggressions have on racially and economically minoritized students. We consider the implications of raceclassist microaggressions toward first-generation and low income college student of color. We also pose recommendations for addressing raceclassist microaggressions in terms of practice in student affairs and institutions of higher education.

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