First Gen Academic Success

why You Should Pay Attention

We create and maintain first generation student success programs tailored to your students’ needs that are designed to make the highest impact at your institution.

Our First Generation Success Programs are effective because they reach your students where they are with the information they need to succeed.

Our programs are also built to empower your team to step in at the right moment to help your first generation students move forward.

Our Process With Your Institution

First Generation Needs Assessment
Success Analysis
Process Creation
System Update
Program Launch
33% of students enrolled in post-secondary education
are the first in their family to go to college
Only 56% of first generation students will graduate within six years
National Center for Education Statistics, 2018
First Generation Students: College Access, Persistence, and Postbachelor’s Outcomes

Our Approach

We start by learning from everyone who’s involved in first generation student success at your institution. We identify formal and informal support programs and assess first generation students’ perception of the efficacy of those programs.

From there, we identify the key benchmarks students must meet in order to succeed and we create a tailored alert system process that will enable them to meet those benchmarks.

We launch our tailored success program to coach your students throughout their time at your institution and empower them to succeed.

The Forward First Advantages

Student Retention

Nationwide, first generation students represent 33% of all enrolled college students but only 56% of them will graduate within 6 years. Research has demonstrated that, as the first in their family to navigate college, first generation students face an information gap that leads them to miss major academic milestones. As a first generation team with a track record of helping first generation students graduate in higher numbers, we have the tools to close the information gap and help institutions not only retain first generation students but actually empower them to thrive by helping them understand and take full advantage of all the opportunities your school has to offer.  

Administrator Retention

Administrator positions represent the highest growing segment of the higher education workforce, but they also have the highest rate of attrition across all positions. A transient administrator workforce increases the odds of administrators burning out as they try to learn the intricacies of each new institution’s expectations. We’re positioned to help you address this because we get to know and understand your institution’s expectations for students so we can generate the tools you need to onboard your administrators faster and avoid burnout.

We have a demonstrated track record of successful partnerships with Ivy League institutions, Liberal Arts Colleges, Women’s Colleges, and Engineering Schools.
We cultivate partnerships with institutions of higher education that have a demonstrated commitment to first generation student success.

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