Benefits of hiring First Gens

Research has demonstrated that first generation students are gritty, persistent, adaptive, and resilient—traits they carry with them into the workforce. That’s why first generation students and graduates make ideal employees.

As the only organization that supports first generation students from college matriculation through life after graduation, Forward F1rst is uniquely poised to facilitate outreach and recruitment of first generation students while providing first generation students with the tools to best position themselves in the job market.

We are also the only organization with the tools and experience to coach first generation hires through their entry into the workforce, thereby not only helping you retain employees but also helping those employees thrive in your workplace.


First generation students can also be the first in their family to enter the white collar workforce, and as such they’re unsure what to expect from the day-to-day routine of the workplace. We help you create recruiting materials that appeal to first generation students by giving the a peak into the reality of working for you. 


20% of millenials who left their job within a year of starting attributed their departure to miscalibrated expectations of the day-to-day work. By giving applicants a sneak peak into the reality of working for you, we help calibrate their expectations and ensure that they’ll be more likely to stay in the job. When you retain, we all gain.


Once you’ve hired a first generation employee, they still need to rise to the challenge of the expectations for successful employees at your organization. We have the tools to coach them through that process by using automated text-based nudges to help them identify the expectations and exceed them. 

We have a demonstrated track record of successful partnerships with Ivy League institutions, Liberal Arts Colleges, Women’s Colleges, and Engineering Schools.
We cultivate partnerships with institutions of higher education that have a demonstrated commitment to first generation student success.

Attract First Generation Talent


When you partner with us, we will work with you to craft a job posting that is compelling to first generation students. This means the posting will provide an overview of a“dayin the life” of someone working in the position you’re seeking to fill. We will then share your posting with the 4,000+ members of our first generation community. 

In the event you choose to hire a first generation student or graduate to fill the position, we also have the capacity to support that employee through their first year in your workplace using high-touch texting nudges to enable them to thrive in your workplace. This approach is backed by research that has identified text-based nudges as an effective mechanism for guiding people to complete tasks, from showing up to their first day of college to getting a flu vaccine.

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