Why a Resource Network?

As a first generation college student, you can't rely on your family for firsthand information about navigating college.

That's where we come in. We're a team of first generation college graduates who get it because we've been through the highs and lows, the uncertainty, and the doubt. But a community of fellow first gens moved us forward across the finish line and we made it because of them.

That's why we built a resource network. We want to make sure that no first generation student has to feel alone again.

We built a supportive community where each one of us can ask for and offer help. We built a year-round mentoring program where we can all build connections with fellow first generation students and alumni who are in it to help each other succeed. And we also created resources so you can navigate through career preparation, financial decisions, and food and housing security. Best of all? It's free.

Why Should You Join?


With over 4,000 members, the Forward F1rst Community connects first generation students and alumni from schools across the country and provides a platform for the discussions that move us all forward


Our members have the opportunity to join mentoring groups to engage with first gens. Commit an hour per month, for three months. Meet the people who will always move forward with you.


Our members gain access to resources, including financial education, a job board for first gens, career prep tools, food and housing security resources, and more for free.

"People will continuously call you strong.
It's okay to not be."
Current Student

Forward F1rst Values & Principles

Forward F1rst is committed to facilitating an accessible and inclusive community built on a foundation of mutual respect and meaningful dialogue.

Following this, Forward F1rst requires that all members pledge to abide by the following principles:

Respect for others across all aspects of their identity, including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, class, disability, citizenship status, religion, national origin, accent, or dialect.

Reflection about how the privileges one holds impact one’s words and actions towards others, including others’ reactions to those words and actions.

What Do You Share to Join?

Our community is for first generation students and graduates, so we require that every person who applies to join the community confirm that they identify as first generation. Beyond that, we collect demographic information so we can create the best programming to serve the community’s needs. We store this information in compliance with FERPA regulations and we apply current security protocols to protect your data. We do not share your data with anyone outside the Forward F1rst team.

From time to time, Forward F1rst will conduct research to assess first generation outcomes and better serve the community. Whenever we conduct such a study, we will ask for your affirmative consent by providing you with a clear explanation of how your data will be used and asking you to opt in. If you choose not to opt in, your access to the community and to our resources will not be impacted in any way. You also have the right to withdraw from any research study you’ve previously enrolled in by visiting the research portal or by emailing us. 

You have the right to reveal as much or as little personal information to the community as you want. By default, none of the personal information you provide during your application is shared with the community. Once you activate your account, you can choose to share as much information with the community as you’d like by visiting your profile. You also have the right to delete your account and all of your posts whenever you choose, whether by emailing us or by going through the steps to do so in your account. 

Are You a College Administrator?

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